Four people are standing around a table where different generators are placed.
Some sounds are becoming audible.
Fruits are getting peeled.
A monkey starts playing his cymbals.
It‘s getting loud, it‘s getting shrill.
Rhythms are overlapping.
Drinks are being served.
It‘s getting danceable.

With its sonic experiments, qwqwi irritates the weary ear.
The four musicians perform in the center of the space.
The room is the stage - the audience becomes part of the performance.

In 2010, Frank Bierlein, Lukas Fütterer, Andy Goralczyk and David Loscher
were invited to play concerts for the Goethe-Institut in Shanghai, China.
They had performed in various constellations with each other before.
In 2012, Pia Matthes joined the group.

In 2013, qwqwi released valged ööd, a polygenre film showing places
where people are listening to music, shot while touring Estonia.

The members of qwqwi have already performed in various locations around the world,
such as: Hamburg, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Zürich, Prague, Shanghai, New York City, Tallinn.

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