(white nights)

poly-genre film by qwqwi & Bridy & Keule
54 min.

N58° 22′ 49″ E21° 51′ 26″
On the small island live many sheep. A few of them go their own way, these are the savages.
Some people live there too. They brought their cars when the ice was thick enough that you could go over.

N59° 25' 48.263″ E24° 43' 17.4″
The factory used to produce little plastic animals. Now it is rotten.
Artists from all over the world live and work there.

N52° 45' 12.751″ E13° 38' 9.575″
The lake is located in the forest. The abandoned bungalows are decorated with colorful flags.
Many people from the big city have come to this place.

N59° 5' 50.68″ E25° 14' 23.316″
A stuffed Jaguar hisses and a porcelain octopus is lolling around the chandelier.
In the renovated squire house stay very fine people.

valged ööd is a film about places where people listen to music.


to order a limited edition on SD-CARD in a unique paper box, with rare analog pictures:


unused noise from the sound production of the art game "quietus":

klangkörper hörproben
hörkörper klangproben
hörklang körperproben

pacific dream
western movie
yoga breakbeat
tango together

female vocals: Lotte Effinger
breakbeat: Frank Bierlein
rainmaker: Pia Matthes


letztens auf dem dachboden gefunden.
würde es so auf 2006/2007 datieren.

3 promo snippets in 1 file

Malenki Gender- Ukrainian political activsm

On human relationships.

this is a short snippet from their liveset at global contemporary exhibition opening at ZKM 2011.


Interrupt your CV signal with a delay, then speed up your sequencer to the point of ring modulation... and feedback, more feedback than discernible frequencies.

lotsa oscillations

first track from the New York album

Kinderkassettenschnipsel im Tanzformat

this is a part of the rehearsal sessions for the b:east performance.

thanks to george h.

The First Track of the ATLANTIS THE SHUTTLE Recordings.
more to come...

mastering assisted by GG. B.
thanks to frank b.

Original "dance" tracks and remixes created for the legendary DJ Mega Utz Utz event. Performed live by gebild. Edited, digitally remastered and analogically distorted. Lass uns tanzen remix featured with permission of König Alkohol.

re-post of irel.ier's first release on ichiigai

A special Release for KaMuNa 2010.
See the beautiful release site for more info.

recorded live at stadtmitte, karlsruhe. july 13th 2010

pong pong pong.
a few songs, all in one.

started as a fun project a couple years ago.
never finished....until now.

Huux feat. Monsieur Larrat - Sherr

>>track for a stageplay<<

||too many thoughts||
||on the street ||
||too many motorcycles||
||in our heads ||

a collection.

NO 1

Number one recording in the manner of
vinyl recycling.
Rules: no postproduction.
everything as it happened, in one take.
so this is kind of a studio-live recording made with analog loops translated in digital ones.

hey, first release.
spaced8 is a finally both finished and unfinished "thing", as you can hear.

Ten artists from the collective strutted their stuff at three New York City venues between 24 – 31 August 2009. At stake: the role and categorization of entertainment, the value of seriousness, multimedia, improvisation, technique, presence, temporality, and sensibility ... in general, and in music and art.

Recorded at Harvestworks, Issue Project Room and Monkey Town, New York City in August 2009.

An Ichiigai production.

HfG, Karlsruhe 2009

gorge hzard, dep prple - databend child in time

original material recorded live on 12th November 1970 at Konserthuset in Stockholm by Swedish Radio for a radio show called Tonkraft databend by mr hazard in january 2010 at his own facility.

mettre qc. en tas / auf einen haufen ankommen
vs. HFG-0, januar 2010

"...eine zumutung!" - dr. h.

"child in time ist übrigens auch nicht gerade
mein lieblingssong." - steffen wolf

go get the image, it's great!

the kaospad mini by korg (mini-kp) is a gadget like looking effects processor for audio-signals.
it contains 90 presets which do not emit sound by themselves.
however, connected with their own output, the amplification can add up and cause some of the presets to play their emission.
presets 38 and 44 are presented here as the sides a and b of a now dispensable 7" release.
if you like to listen, play.

der remix auftrag von der renchenranchsession2008
wurde zu einer aleatorischen komposition.

props for the greatest series on earth...mossafokka

Stereo Mix

Originally produced for a 42 Channel ChristmasTree
built with Paul Modler & the SoundDepartment HfG Karlsruhe 2007

Remixed Material of RenchenRanchSession 2008
Have quite synced beats for some rituals

soundflorA one minute track.
Released for was faaaaaaar louder than you could possibly imagine!
Der Film zeigt einen Ausschnitt unseres Konzerts beim Noise Festival in Karlsruhe am 06.12 2007. Aufnahme + Bearbeitung: Kevin Matweew

booking: askaskask[at]

dontDJ 01/02 and 03 are just extended dj-mixes,
listen if you want to play!
dl zip for playlist.
booking: askaskask[aet]

video of fff doing the fff-business at westwerk-gallery hamburg.
ruin your party, book now: askaskask[at]

live @ ElectronicChurch Berlin

e.farchmin - cello
d.loscher - toyguitar

- a modern space of place keeps behind the centroid
of huge microphases in mind
- several properties still have a light dungeon for any kind of brainbeep
- try to fix the area of the ear-inhabitants

The newest compilation of all the ichiigai artists.
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